Panduit: Low Voltage Equipment

Panduit is a global manufacturer of electrical and network infrastructure products, including a wide range of low voltage equipment. Some examples of low voltage equipment that Panduit produces include:

  1. Cable ties and wire management products: These include cable ties, cable tie bases, wire ducts, wire organizers, and other products for organizing and securing cables and wires.
  2. Electrical boxes and enclosures: Panduit offers a variety of electrical boxes and enclosures for protecting electrical components and wiring. These include metal and plastic boxes, panelboards, and enclosures for hazardous locations.
  3. Connectors and terminations: Panduit produces a range of connectors and terminations for use in low voltage electrical systems, including wire connectors, wire nuts, splice connectors, and terminal blocks.
  4. Data center and networking products: Panduit offers a range of products for data centers and networking applications, including patch panels, cable management systems, and fiber optic connectivity products.
  5. Industrial automation products: Panduit produces a variety of products for use in industrial automation applications, including sensors, I/O modules, and control panel components.

Overall, Panduit is a major provider of low voltage equipment for a wide range of applications and industries, including electrical and data communications systems, industrial automation, and more.

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