Top Tools for Fiber Optic Technicians

There are a variety of tools that a fiber optic technician may use, depending on the task at hand. Some of the most essential tools include:

  1. Fiber optic cleavers: These are used to make clean, precise cuts on the ends of fiber optic cable in order to properly terminate the fibers.
  2. Fiber optic strippers: These are used to strip the protective coating from the end of a fiber optic cable in order to expose the glass fibers inside.
  3. Fiber optic connectors: These are used to connect different fibers together, and can include various types such as SC, LC, ST, FC, etc.
  4. Fiber optic inspection microscope: This tool is used to inspect the end face of a fiber optic connector for any defects, such as scratches or dirt.
  5. Fiber optic power meters: These are used to measure the amount of light power in a fiber optic cable, and can be used to troubleshoot problems with the cable.
  6. Fiber optic light sources: These are used to inject light into a fiber optic cable in order to test its continuity, and can be used in conjunction with a power meter to perform loss testing.
  7. Fusion splicing machine: This tool is used to fuse two fibers together, creating a permanent and low loss connection.
  8. Cable and wire tracer: it helps locate and identify wires or cables inside a bundle or a wall.
  9. Fiber optic connector cleaner: For maintaining the connector and ensuring good signal transmission
  10. Safety Equipment (like safety glasses, Gloves): for working with fiber optic and dealing with possible hazards

It’s important to note that these are just a few examples of the tools that a fiber optic technician may use and different job and environment may require different set of tools, but most of these tools are must have for Fiber Optic Technicians.

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